Our History

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How the Runway Race came to life!

The Temora 1000 was created after watching the UK Top Gear trio run on the American salt flats. After enjoying the show, a couple of club members started to throw some ideas around, to do something different for the final round of our club championship. The idea was born.

The venue was not that simple. Sounds easy enough, find a runway, set up a some timing equiptment, but no. After speaking with CAMS, we had some guidlines about runway length, which ruled out quite a few airports, and just about every other airport turned us down as well. Temora showed quite a bit of interest, and talks started, leading to an agreement that NSWCCinc run the Temora 1000 well into the future.

Temora Airport is the perfect venue. The Temora Aviation Museum is world renound for its fighter plane restoration, and holds regular airshows. As it has Australia's only two flying Spitfires, they are used to holding events with large crowds. Whenever they fire up a Spitfire, people come from many corners of the globe to veiw such a spectical.

With the amazing Temora council, and Temora Aviation Museum, NSWCCinc have been able to build a sensational event that is open to just about anyone, with competitors coming from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland & South Australia to take on the Airstrip to set a new record or improve their personal best time as well as attempting to break 300kph to be inducted into the prestigious Club 300.

So ENTER the original, the fastest, the quickest, and of course the best annual Single release 1000m point to point timed sprint race, or bring the family out for the day to watch the racing, be warned you will wish you had entered!




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The Runway


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Wings & Wheels